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Hello everyone.

If you are like me and trying to be fit and healthy in this day and age, then you will know that one of the hardest things to do is workout your legs. Every time I do a leg workout I wince at the pain of using the pedals in my car on the drive home from the gym. Suddenly every event that you do for the rest of the day has the loaded question “Do I have to use my legs for this?” Chances are if the answers yes, you won’t be doing that thing in case your legs give way underneath you and you strive for the next three hours to get back up.

This (exaggeration) situation had me thinking the only way to get around the home or office is by doing a zombie shamble ( making moaning noises and saying ‘brains’ only adds to the creativity ). So sitting in my favourite Prof. Charles Xavier chair I looked at all the different types of zombie movie posters that were on the internet and decided to generate one of my own. The zombie silhouettes were created by my own images of various zombie poses. Completed in Photoshop, to the style of George A. Romero and Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead. Enjoy!

img093Poster design variants

IMG_3109IMG_3108  IMG_3120

Various zombie poses for the silhouettes

Zombie-_leg_day_posterFinished poster.

Logo Design

A while back a friend asked me to design a logo for her dog breeding company she started up. She had three Rhodesian Ridgebacks and they’ve won quite a few show medals. Unfortunately she couldn’t use this logo for reasons not of my own. So I’ll post them here for you to enjoy and view my process of how I achieved the final outcome. enjoy!




Prelim sketches using various pens and techniques


Hand lettering specifically tailored to clients wants


Final logo design. Client was very impressed. Feedback wlecome.

Weekend creative thinking

This morning I had a weird thought (what I consider weird might be insane to others) that the word infinity has the word tea in it (is that a homonym? I dunno). Anyway, It got me thinking about other words that end in -ty and how i could incorporate them with the tea cup (yes it does get weirder). I already gave you the first one (infinity), can you guess the others? Feedback welcome. Enjoy!