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Weekend creative thinking

This morning I had a weird thought (what I consider weird might be insane to others) that the word infinity has the word tea in it (is that a homonym? I dunno). Anyway, It got me thinking about other words that end in -ty and how i could incorporate them with the tea cup (yes it does get weirder). I already gave you the first one (infinity), can you guess the others? Feedback welcome. Enjoy!



Blessed are the coffee makers

One of the first designs I did just for fun, when I first started my course. I love coffee plus there’s a line in Monty Python’s Life of Brian, “I think he said blessed are the cheese makers”. I found it funny so I put my own twist on it. Everyone that has their morning cup of coffee should feel blessed to start the day off in such a way. The first photo are my ideas I drew in my A5 notebook and the second is the final background that was made when I first started using Illustrator. At some stage I may finalize Saint Barista. Feedback welcome. Enjoy!