Weekend doodles

Dismissing any innuendo or double entendre, I find the weekends are best for sitting at home with a coffee, pencil in one hand and scrapbook in the other whilst watching morning cartoons/music videos. I find its a great way to expand the imagination and get the creative juices flowing without even realising it. Any doodles I do I post on instagram (Written_light). Does anyone else do something similar? Anyway, here’s a few random sketches, feedback welcome. Enjoy!





What do Certain Colors Mean?

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What do Certain Colors Mean? Color is a powerful psychological trigger. It creates strong emotions. Here are some popular colors and the emotions they typically generate:


  • Love, warmth, excitement, passion, known internationally as a buying color.
  • Attention getter.
  • In small amounts it is the best color to stimulate sales, but in large amounts can turn off more subtle customers. Works best to draw attention to a specific message or area you want customers to focus on
  • Negative: danger, anger


  • Power, professionalism, trustworthiness, calm
  • Best seller and most favorite color for people throughout the world.
  • Considered the color of communication, tranquility and peacefulness – dark blue leads to authority and power
  • Negative: boredom, sadness


  • Nature, life, money, relaxing
  • Considered a passive, not a stimulating color
  • Negative: decay, toxicity, illness


  • Affordability, creativity, fun, youth
  • Might be the most irritating color and least favorite in the world.
  • Direct mail…

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Blessed are the coffee makers

One of the first designs I did just for fun, when I first started my course. I love coffee plus there’s a line in Monty Python’s Life of Brian, “I think he said blessed are the cheese makers”. I found it funny so I put my own twist on it. Everyone that has their morning cup of coffee should feel blessed to start the day off in such a way. The first photo are my ideas I drew in my A5 notebook and the second is the final background that was made when I first started using Illustrator. At some stage I may finalize Saint Barista. Feedback welcome. Enjoy!



Hello everyone. Please bare with me as I get my head around this blogging stuff. I’m looking forward to posting my design work on here and more importantly, receiving feedback from you all.

A little bit about me. I’m 30 years old and currently living in sunny Darwin, NT. I love coffee, playing the guitar, motorbikes and creating works of art, of course.

If you know any graphic design blogs or you want me to follow yours please let me know. 🙂

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