Ancient Script and big lizards.

So I woke up this morning and from the usual morning coffee, morning wee and morning social media check I had the notion to Google the origins of text and the alphabet (too much coffee perhaps?)


More specifically, Sumerian cuneiform, Mayan logo-grams and Egyptian hieroglyphs. It’s truly bizarre how writing can change in 5,000 years but what might be even more perplexing is what the alphabet might look like in the year 7014!


My guess? Our civilisation as we know it is 1000 metres underground decaying into oil and gas whilst bipedal lizard creatures roam the surface (Land of the Lost anyone?), taking selfies and %instafood pics (our # is their %).


I say good luck and god speed lizard creatures! What was I talking about? Oh yes, today we have many typefaces and fonts to work with, analogous and digitally, the invitation of emojis and simplified text messaging (omg lol ttyl) language is ever changing along with the social landscape. The only thing is, that social landscape is not just in our backyards but global, as is communication.


So, I for one am learning Sumerian cuneiform (stay tuned for a future post) so I may communicate with our supreme cold-blooded Overlords.



Remembering Felix Dennis, 1947-2014

Wise words.

TED Blog

We want to remember Felix Dennis, who passed away this week at the age of 67, as he’d probably wish—with this trenchant, funny aside from his 2004 TED Talk.

You guys, you know, you’re going to totally transform everything. Cloning will transform everything. Voice navigation will transform everything …

But human nature doesn’t change, mate. My friends, human nature is exactly the same as it was when my ancestor — probably it was my ancestor — got his hands around the neck of the last Neanderthal, and battered the bastard to death. You think we didn’t do that? Oh, we did. We killed every single one of them. Inch by inch we killed them. We hunted them down wherever they were. Rivals for meat. Rivals for berries. We’re still doing it, with all of the genius assembled in this room. Our natures haven’t changed a single iota. And they never…

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Weekend creative thinking

This morning I had a weird thought (what I consider weird might be insane to others) that the word infinity has the word tea in it (is that a homonym? I dunno). Anyway, It got me thinking about other words that end in -ty and how i could incorporate them with the tea cup (yes it does get weirder). I already gave you the first one (infinity), can you guess the others? Feedback welcome. Enjoy!



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