Euro trip day 2

Okay. So today I went to Trafalgar Square, the national gallery and Big Ben locations. I no ticed a few things whilst walking around the city.

There aren’t as many pubs/taverns as i Assumed. I thought there’d be one on every corner but sadly no. Then again, it’s like  assuming every Australian takes a kangaroo to school.

I noticed from a design perspective that there’s no posters or advertisements above the first floor. I assume this is because everyone has there heads down from the sullen weather.

I also noticed that every building and pavement is made of either brick or granite  this leads me to a few things. British are as hard as stone a as stubborn. When it comes to the past they hold onto it. A Starbucks can be set up if only by the original stonework is not moved. And so within the city you can find a mix of the past and the more modern present  phone booths litter the city streets waiting for a superman to jump in and quickly change his suit. Everyone else can enjoy free street wifi from the booth in the mean time.

It feels good to ha e stone underneath your feet  . Stone is secure, stone is safe. Every British castle is built upon the foundations of survival.  Stone and iron can be seen throughout the UK’s dark history and its history can be seen in each carved facet of each ancient building . And yet within the stone cold walls you will find the warm British hospitality as they pour you a pint. Sheltered from the cold, cloudy days is a Londoner with a warm smile and a hearty handshake.

So without further ado here’s a few photos from the national gallery and Trafalgar square and Big Ben. Which I hear is going digital in 2016. 😉

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