Risk it all

Friends and family will know that there are big changes in my life right now. I have left my secure job with the Royal Australian Navy. As much as I liked the job, some people around me had a poisonous attitude and it finally got to me so I left.

I am in the workings of placing all my possessions in storage, and planning a trip to backpack around Europe for a month. When I get back to Australia I am pursuing a career in graphic design. This is all very exciting and it’s not the first time I have done something spontaneous. In fact, I think I’m up to my third mid life crisis lol.

Anyway, in between packing my things I came up with the idea of a medical drug that incorporates all of these feelings and high risk; Its called Riskitol.

Thank you for your feedback and appreciation.


2 thoughts on “Risk it all”

  1. Your changes sound so very exciting! I hope you’ll take lots of pictures on your trip, and that you’ll share some of them with us when you get back! I think spontaneity is important and good for a creative’s mind. It keeps us on our toes and helps us be more creative. Have fun!

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