Putting the Flash in Flash Professional

So I thought I’d try my hand at something new and downloaded Adobe Flash Professional CC. I’ve never used this program before so creating my first flash movie was not only hard but fun to do as well. The irony is that, being a beginner there’s no way I’d put professional in Flash professional, so through a process of elimination that leaves me with Flash. 😛

So the gif I created below is by no means a stretch of the imagination. Its just me in pixel form running past the hills and open sky. Not sure why the resolution is worse than on screen. I tried different things to make it better but to no avail. What’s even more ironic is that he is getting more exercise than me. Perhaps this pixel guy is a wake up call to exercise more. Whatever the case, it’s fun creating something new and it also helps your brain being more creative.

Feedback welcome. Enjoy!


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