Saviour of the Universe

On Monday ( a few weeks back ), I took the time to travel to Brisbane and see Queen + Adam Lambert Live in Concert, which was epic! This got me listening to their music again and I was reminded how they did a song for the movie Flash Gordon ( which was an epic movie). So, today I made some time to create a flat image poster for the movie.

The body pose is based on He-man ( Stephen Hawking has a better chance at painting the Mona Lisa than I do at drawing a stick figure ) and the type is Futura, which I thought was appropriate seeing as the movie is a bit psuedo-futuristic, dodging lasers, star trek style space ships and a wardrobe that could compete and win against star wars. I place the image on a free poster mock-up through Adobe Creative Cloud, designed by Mike Delsing. Now that I see it, his pants could be a darker shade of blue to stand out from the background and adding ‘saviour of the universe’ at the bottom centre in a script font would give the viewer an answer as to why he’s standing on a strange world wielding a sword in a power pose. Constructive feedback is welcome; I hope you enjoy.


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