The universe is in great peril!

This is my second submission of video game posters.

“Long live the great and glorious mother brain!’

I only used tutorials to get the texture for this one which I’m proud of.

the poster is done in the style of a Chinese propaganda poster. The sunburst is certainly eye catching and its simplicity in only using two colours, and black and white. I used Adobe Illustrator to create the black and white mother brain and metroids, also the red sunburst. I placed them all in Adobe Photoshop and applied the textures and filters. The only thing I could criticise is the border chops off the metroids teeth at the bottom, adding a red or white circle to the mother brains eye would tie it in nicely with the metroids white eyes. Feedback welcome. Enjoy!


An idle mind….

Hello all.

If you are one of those people who have a naturally creative mind then you might feel like there’s millions of thoughts running through your mind and not much time for anything else, purple monkey dishwasher. It seems your subconscious is spewing forth ideas and images like an untapped oil well with no end in sight.

Any thought may be a keen insight or an idea to a question that you’ve been sitting on for days, and the only filter you possess is a pen/pencil and paper to write it down before it returns back to the nether realm.

You’ve probably heard the phrase growing up ‘An idle mind is the devils playground’. Which leads me to consider what he’d enjoy more, the swings or the slippery dip ( I bet its the swings ). As abstract as this quote is, does it mean we can’t go on holiday? Or have a power nap to recharge the batteries? Or to simply zone out  at your 3pm meeting on a Monday morning? Simply put, no ( okay maybe yes to the meeting one ).

We are currently in the age of information, and we haven’t seen so much nor had as much within our grasp since the Great Library of Alexandria ( thanks a lot Caesar ). This has to do largely in part with the digital age, and yet how we use and process this information is still in it’s infantile stages. Getting back to the playground thesis, an active body requires an active mind. An active mind is one that doesn’t rest on it’s laurels ( Caesar? ). It continually sources information from books, websites, nature, industry, everywhere. If it all seems like thinking too much becomes too stressful at times, you can stop and give the devil a push on the swings.

Below is a piece I did this morning consisting of all the vowels in the English Alphabet with the letters L, S, and T. Together they create 5 separate words. Which word / words first appear when you look at this piece? Why is it so? Is it because of the colours? Where the vowels are placed? Is there something happening in your life that you associate with that word? Perhaps you just liked the show ‘Lost’ when it was on t.v. Could you use this composition to make the viewer think of a particular word?


Enjoy your weekend, and keep those neurons firing. Pew pew!

Saviour of the Universe

On Monday ( a few weeks back ), I took the time to travel to Brisbane and see Queen + Adam Lambert Live in Concert, which was epic! This got me listening to their music again and I was reminded how they did a song for the movie Flash Gordon ( which was an epic movie). So, today I made some time to create a flat image poster for the movie.

The body pose is based on He-man ( Stephen Hawking has a better chance at painting the Mona Lisa than I do at drawing a stick figure ) and the type is Futura, which I thought was appropriate seeing as the movie is a bit psuedo-futuristic, dodging lasers, star trek style space ships and a wardrobe that could compete and win against star wars. I place the image on a free poster mock-up through Adobe Creative Cloud, designed by Mike Delsing. Now that I see it, his pants could be a darker shade of blue to stand out from the background and adding ‘saviour of the universe’ at the bottom centre in a script font would give the viewer an answer as to why he’s standing on a strange world wielding a sword in a power pose. Constructive feedback is welcome; I hope you enjoy.


Logo Design

A while back a friend asked me to design a logo for her dog breeding company she started up. She had three Rhodesian Ridgebacks and they’ve won quite a few show medals. Unfortunately she couldn’t use this logo for reasons not of my own. So I’ll post them here for you to enjoy and view my process of how I achieved the final outcome. enjoy!




Prelim sketches using various pens and techniques


Hand lettering specifically tailored to clients wants


Final logo design. Client was very impressed. Feedback wlecome.